Short descriptions:

  • gypsy jazz and vintage swing acoustic stringband
  • lively acoustic swing stringband with gypsy guitars, upright bass, and either clarinet, violin, mandolin, and/or accordion, playing old-time jazz with exotic gypsy & multiethnic flavors
  • old-time (20s/30s) swing and world music played on acoustic stringed instruments, with exotic Old World flair, a fiery delivery, and feelgood charm

About the Hot Club of Hawthorne

The Hot Club of Hawthorne is a collective of musicians who play gypsy jazz: old-time swing and world music played on acoustic stringed instruments, with exotic Old World flair, a fiery delivery, and feelgood charm. The Hot Club was founded in 2011 by guitarist Jeffree White, who has wowed Oregon audiences for 20 years with his extravagant guitar stylings, whimsical delivery, versatility, and flamboyant presence.

About the music

  • gypsy jazz aka gypsy swing, hot jazz, or jazz manouche
  • ranges from upbeat, fun, & lively and danceable! -- to mellow, pleasant, & sophisticated... depending on what the room calls for
  • acoustic and mostly string-based no drums or horns
  • old-timey swing and jazz music from the 20s and 30s, similar to ragtime & Dixieland
  • exotic Eastern European flavors from gypsy cultures
  • strong backbeat, like bluegrass, which serves to drive the music without drums
  • more down-to-earth than modern, abstract jazz
  • played with Old World flair and charm, and fiery passion!

Common instruments in the genre are gypsy guitars, upright bass, violin, & clarinet, sometimes with accordion, mandolin, melodica, or others. No drums or horns!

About the band

We usually play as a 4-piece, but we can work from a duo on up, depending on what the projected budget is.

The repertoire consists of gypsy jazz standards including Django originals, swing tunes from mostly the 20s and 30s, some Latin numbers, and a few comedic film soundtrack songs! The group is a collective of many musicians, including some of Portland's best -- see Personnel list below.

The Hot Club has performed at many venues around town -- see list below -- including the Crystal Ballroom on two occasions. We also perform at weddings, conferences and gala events. We were once featured on live television on KGW, including an interview and performance, and the video was shared widely and well received by many.

About the name

"Hot Club" jazz is a genre of early jazz -- mostly tunes from the 20s & 30s -- characterized by lively swing rhythms, infused with exotic gypsy flavors, played primarily on acoustic stringed instruments: gypsy guitars, upright bass, and violin, or sometimes clarinet and/or accordion.

French gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt was the most famous artist in the genre, as well as one of the innovators; our ensemble is largely modeled after his. His (and violinist Stephane Grappelli's) group was called the Hot Club of France Quintet, named after the "Hot Clubs" which were European jazz appreciation societies in the 1930s. There have been countless "Hot Club" bands since then worldwide. There are several in Portland! (The Hot Club of Portland resides in Portland, Maine, though.)

The bandleader used to live off Hawthorne. It's also a nod to his hippie roots. ;)



The Hot Club of Hawthorne was formed in spring of 2011 by leader and sole core member Jeffree White.

Venue List

The Hot Club of Hawthorne has performed at the following venues (some links are on our links page):

  • Crystal Ballroom, twice, at the "Stumptown Speakeasy" showcase
  • OMSI Gala Event
  • Multnomah Co. Library, Main Branch
  • Hornings Hideout, as part of "Hornings Hootenanny"
  • Dante's
  • the Laurelthirst
  • Canby Library Grand Opening
  • Intel IT dept.'s Autumn Festival
  • Southfork
  • Mock Crest Tavern
  • Secret Society Ballroom
  • Duff's Garage
  • TreeSong Nature Awareness and Retreat Center
  • the Tillicum
  • Common Ground Wellness Center
  • Clinton St. Theater, as part of Clinton St. Stomp
  • Garcia Birthday Band Festival
  • Montavilla Festival
  • Girasole Pizza
  • Kilt
  • Tidbit
  • Bob White Theatre
  • the Blue Room
  • Lents Holiday Bazaar
  • New Seasons, Progress Ridge
  • Alberta Beer Porch
  • Hawthorne Hostel
  • Mississippi Pizza Pub
  • Maher's Pub
  • Turn Turn Turn
  • Antonia Ballroom in Canby, as part of "Flashback Field Trip"
  • Buckman, King, Lents, Woodstock, and PSU Farmers Markets
  • Corkscrew Wine Bar
  • Plucky Maidens, multiple events
  • Bar Carlo
  • Bi-Zi Farms
  • Sante Bar
  • the Press Club
  • St. Honore Boulangerie
  • Sapphire Hotel
  • Jam on Hawthorne
  • Biddy McGraw's
  • Gotham Tavern
  • Portland Saturday Market
  • the Jade Lounge
  • Beaterville Cafe
  • the Globe
  • Oak Hills July 4th Celebration (3 years)
  • Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation Gala Event
  • several weddings and anniversary parties
  • Newspace Photography Center's grand opening pre-party
  • Thirst Bistro
  • private event at retirement community
  • and, the streets of Hawthorne!


The Hot Club of Hawthorne has included the following musicians:

    guitarists: violinists:
    • Ben Blechman
    • Greg Allison
    • Flauren Ricketts
    • Jeffrey Reynolds
    • Ben Schroeder
    • Jonathan Norling
    • Eddie Parente
    • Andy Ellis Valdini
    • Larry Nobori
    • Andrew Alikhanov
    • Joshua Gilbert (also flute and sax)
    • Ralph Carney (also sax)
    • Eric Stern
    • Steve Cleveland
    • Jim Bryan
    • Rich Landar
    • Gerson Robboy
    • Doug Stickler
    • Bernardo Gomez
    • Jim Delaney
    • Russell Gores
    • Drew Nelson
    • Chuck Masi
    • Ray Mann
    • Kevin Eastes
    • Andrew Jones
    • Dan Golden
    • Albert McDonnell
    • Ryan Babichuk
    • Dan Davis
    • Bob Burgeni
    • Sam McKinstry
    • Don Corey
    • David Bamberger
    • Brien McMullen
    • Joe Aloia
    • Ben Larsen
    • Gail Streicker
    • Jim Bryan
    • Natalia Burgess
    • Rich Landar
    • Bob Burgeni
    • Gary Peterson
    • Joshua Birns-Sprague
    • Pace Rubadeau
    • Robert Linneman
    • Rob Roy

    and last but not least,
    • Natalia Burgess on vocals!

    ....and several others participating in the jams!

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