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October 18th, 2017 10:33 pm

CD Released!

In March & October 2017, two lineups of the Hot Club of Hawthorne went into the
various studios of Fremont Recording — two very different sonic environments —
and performed live in the studio; it was mixed to tape for an organic sound.  The
result is a diverse collection of tracks, presented just as it was performed: no overdubs or
post-production alterations, other than EQ and compression.

One session, recorded in a compact basement studio, included an expanded lineup
of 7 musicians:
  • Jeffree White (founder): guitar, vocals
  • Jason Reichert (Down Home Music, the Juleps): guitar, vocals
  • Rick King (Steer Crazy, Inspirational Beets): guitar, vocals
  • Jeffrey Reynolds (Down Home Music): violin
  • Steve Cleveland (Hot Club Time Machine): accordion
  • Ralph Carney (Tom Waits, Pepper Grinders): clarinet, saxophone
  • Drew Nelson (Vagabond Opera): bass
The other session featured standard instrumentation for the Hot Club: two guitars,
violin, upright bass:
  • Jeffree White: guitar, vocals
  • Twayn Williams (Jenny Finn Orchestra, Hot Club Du Jour): guitar
  • Flauren Ricketts (Lulu's Wing, Rain or Shine): violin, harmony vocals
  • Bernardo Gomez (every swing band in town): bass
Brud Giles engineered, mixed, and mastered, as well as sponsored the endeavor through Fremont Recording.

14 songs were captured, including swing numbers from 1922 or earlier, gypsy
traditionals, a Brazilian choro standard, and a waltz:
  1. Whispering
  2. Stumbling
  3. Songe D'Automne
  4. Avalon
  5. Sheik of Araby
  6. Cesar Swing
  7. Tico Tico
  8. Some of These Days
  9. St. Louis Blues
  10. Alabama Jubilee
  11. Swing Gitan
  12. Rose Room
  13. World is Waiting for the Sunrise
  14. Limehouse Blues
Check this post, or the music page, later for details on how to buy the album as a CD or digital downloads!

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April 7th, 2017

Live in the studio at Fremont Recording. This track is on our CD!


February 7th, 2016

Portland'5 Noontime Showcase, outside the Schnitz

We played outside the Schnitz last summer to a large crowd as part of Portland'5's Noontime Showcase (which plays earlier in the day before Music on Main St. concerts). We were a large band, including clarinet, violin, mandolin, and melodica in addition to the usual two guitars and upright bass. Note, the intro lasts one minute before music begins.

You can browse all our tracks on the Hot Club of Hawthorne MP3 vault page. And there is more on the audio page.

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