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September 02nd, 2016 1:14 am


We received a lovely testimonial from Dingo the clown after a gig we did together:

We just did a clown gig alongside HCoH, and they were perfect Portland style mellow minstrels. They would be great at any Portland themed event like a wedding. They play favorites (like "Blue Skies") and I love that these guys look like the music they play. Really swanky. They kept me sane while our zone was a fiasco. The most touching moment today was seeing an elderly person in a wheelchair, swaying while wearing and old school conical clown hat. Eyes shut experiencing the band playing a song featuring some gypsy fiddle. The music styles were antique and that was a perfect hit. If I had the funds, I would want to hire this band to play for those folks once a week.

Thanks Dingo! Check out the website for Dingo and his partner Olive at oliveanddingo.com.

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February 7th, 2016

Portland'5 Noontime Showcase, outside the Schnitz

We played outside the Schnitz last summer to a large crowd as part of Portland'5's Noontime Showcase (which plays earlier in the day before Music on Main St. concerts). We were a large band, including clarinet, violin, mandolin, and melodica in addition to the usual two guitars and upright bass. Note, the intro lasts one minute before music begins.

You can browse all our tracks on the Hot Club of Hawthorne MP3 vault page. And there is more on the audio page.

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